Olga Dubisskiy


Olga Dubisskiy

Sugar Land, TX

Medium:  Mixed Media Artist & Sculptor


by Olga Dubisskiy

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by Olga Dubisskiy


by Olga Dubisskiy

Bio:  Olga Dubisskiy holds a Degree in visual arts and architecture from the National Academy of Arts, Kiev, Ukraine. Following the 6-year full time studies she worked in restoration of the Ukraine architectural heritage.

After visiting Venice, Italy in the 90s and inspired by carnival mask tradition Olga became interested in mask making and developed her own style and concept for a mask as an active interior component. Over 100 of Olga’s interior masks have been acquired for private collections in Europe and Americas.

In British Columbia (Canada) her visual art works and masks were selected for a number of juried exhibitions and appreciated by public. Strong academic background enables Olga to work in oil, acrylic and mixed media. She has also concentrated on sculpture. Her sculpture exhibition in Coquitlam’s Place des Arts (Canada) in 2004 earned coverage by national CBC-TV art news.

Olga has lived in Texas since 2008.

Membership: Sculptors Society of BC (SSBC, Vancouver, Canada), Imperial Art Alliance (IAA, Sugar Land, TX)

Albert Goldreich

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Albert Goldreich

Sugar Land, Texas

Contact Info   (713) 858-2181

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Medium:  Fused Glass Art


by Albert Goldreich


by Albert Goldreich


Bio: After being a potter since 1975 in South Africa, where my fascination for clay began, I have finally switched from clay to working with glass. After immigrating to the United States in 1981, I continued my pottery as a hobby.

In March 2005 my hobby became my full-time profession. After experimenting with clay using various techniques for 27 years, I finally developed a unique style which I have been told reflected my South African. The use of texture and color became my signature.

I am a founding member of 18 Hands Gallery in Houston, Texas. My work has been shown at Archway Gallery in Houston and Copper Shade Tree in Roundtop, Texas. I am the current world record holder on the potter’s wheel by one person, as recorded by the Book of Alternative Records. This record was set at 18 Hands Gallery in Houston, Tx on the 26th January 2008, with a time of 18 hours and 3 minutes, breaking the previous record by one hour and three minutes.

Now it remains to be seen where my glass art will take me. As I am now 76 years young I do not have 27 years to experiment and only time will tell. The most important thing of all is that I am enjoying the glass work immensely.

All my pieces are one of a kind.

Johnny J. Rojas


Johnny J. Rojas

Richmond Texas

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Medium: Sculpture-Metalwork of all kind


by Johnny J. Rojas


by Johnny J. Rojas


by Johnny J. Rojas

Artist Bio – Johnny J. Rojas
– Where’s your hometown?
Richmond, Texas

– What started you on your artist’s path?
I come from a family of professional musicians. Growing up in the music field I knew I wanted the freedom of self expression that only comes from being an artist. “The arts will find you. You have to be ready to recognize it.”

– What is your favorite medium(s) to work in and why?
I enjoy working with metals. It’s the fire thing. Being a graphic artist by trade. The transformation from paper to fire just felt right. Metal seems to take shape faster then wood.

– List any press that you have received.
When I’m not making art, I produce the Houston Art Car Weekend. I’ve made 13+ art cars and have produced the parade for 25 years. During this time I receive a lot of press.

– List your education
I have studies at Los Angeles and Houston Community Colleges for Graphic Design and Visual Communications. A self taught artist in metal and clay sculpturing for over 15 years.

– List any exhibitions
I have some permanent installations around Houston. A 64 feet by 25 feet glass mosaic mural at Sanchez HS built with the students. Also 2, 10ft by 15ft glass mosaic murals built with Redwood HS students. Displayed on Harrisburg & 67th Street in Houston. Art Cars that have been displayed nationally and around the world. My personal Art Car, The
BatWing, has been inducted into the Houston & Victoria Art Car Museums. A 15 foot Jewish Menorah thats displayed yearly in the Houston Galleria during the Hanukkah lighting ceremonies. A 12 foot metal roadrunner for Ross Elementary in Clear Creek ISD. Along with temporary art installations.

– Professional affiliations & associations
Owner of Rojas Custom Metal Works; A judge for the HLSR School Art Committee; The Orange Show Foundation; American Legion Post #560 (Houston, Tx); The Urban Animals, Class of 2006.

– What inspires you?
Motivation. Being involved and surround by people with action. I hate being among those that have no solutions, just problems and complaints. “Use that negative energy and make something happen.”

– Is there anything else you would like your community to know about you?
I have worked with many at-risk young adults in the Houston area. Giving them the opportunity to express themselves in the world of art. In doing this, I’ve seen what art can do to the someone’ self-esteem and self pride. I’m
just happy that I have been in the position and have the talent to make a difference in the world thought art.


Rodney D Butler


Rodney D Butler

Houston, Texas

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Medium:  Sculpter , Acrylic on Canvas, Airbrush


by Rodney D Butler


by Rodney D Butler

Artist Bio:  Rodney D. Butler is a native Houstonian. Graduate of James Madison High School where he excelled at art, woodshop and drafting. After graduating from high school, received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Tuskegee University and later an Associate degree in Computer Animation at the Art Institute of Houston. While at the Art Institute, Rodney realized that he was an artist at heart. This by the way came as no surprise to those who watched him growing up. Rodney’s work has been featured in various local festivals, galleries and museums such as First Saturday Art Festival, Houston Fine Art Festival, the Bayou City Art Festival, Houston Museum of African American Culture Bert Long Jr. Gallery, JoMar Visions, Texas Southern University museum, Harambee Art Gallery, Adam and Madam’s Gallery Bistro Shop, Gallery Baroness and countless underground art shows.

Artist Statement:  I am a modern-day Renaissance Artist, meaning I draw, paint, cook, do architectural design along with digital art, and photography. Now while my paintings are coming increasingly popular, I’m best known for what I call “Green Metal Art” it’s where I take scraps of metal and / or mechanical parts deemed unusable by most standards and weld them into various artistic shapes, forms, figures and concepts. It’s my way of recycling trash into artistic treasures.