Historic Downtown Richmond Texas

Karen Gehse

Karen and Blu 1

Karen Gehse

Katy, Texas

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Medium:  Oil on Canvas

NOLA in Pink_1

by Karen Gehse

Sing it!

by Karen Gehse

Artist Bio

Karen Underwood Gehse is a representational artist known for her golf and country club paintings, and New Orleans genre art. She paints in the classical method of layer upon layer of thin glazes, and direct surface painting with fresh, painterly brushstrokes of thick oil paints, so we can feel the softness of fabric, the movement of the golfer, as well as the cold glare of the golf club. Gehse’s series “Golf Moments” was recently exhibited at the Glen Ellyn Library. Her “Imagine New Orleans” paintings are in ongoing exhibits at Heaven on Seven Restaurant, Make It Right Foundation New Orleans, and Fort Bend Art Center.
Gehse is founder, and contributing artist of IArtists, a group of Chicago-area artists who donate paintings to Hurricane Katrina victims who are rebuilding their homes, partnering with St. Bernard Project, Lutheran Church Charities, and Habitat for Humanity. She also volunteers as an art mentor in a junior high school gifted education program.
Karen is a ‘Pro Se’ artist, representing herself and IArtists. She studied painting and art for 12 years at College of DuPage with her mentor Professor Jennifer Hereth. Karen works in her home studio in Katy, TX, and at the Fort Bend Art Center, and is a member of Art League Fort Bend.

Jeff Schauss

When he sings. Oil on canvas wood frame 28x22
Jeff Schauss

Manvel, Texas

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Medium:  Oil on Canvas and Acrylic on Canvas

Piercing the vail Acrylic on Canvas 40 by 40

by Jeff Schauss

The ridge runner. Oil on canvas 29x 40

by Jeff Schauss

When he sings. Oil on canvas wood frame 28x22

by Jeff Schauss

Why ask me for knowledge you wouldn't understand Better yes Ask me for understanding. Oil on canvas 30.5x40.5

by Jeff Schauss

Artist Statement

Now that I have reached the age where I can be called a pensioner it’s time to spread my unencumbered wings and fly. A time to play my role in this illusion we call life and due my part in salvation. My chosen role is to bring spiritual communications into the world of time through abstract paintings .And what a wonderous role it is to merely listen and with great joy slap paint on what ever gets in the way. To enable miracles to unfold What more could one ask for? No more to agonize over highlights ,shadows and contrast But rather to say “Thy will be done Let’s paint” So when you look at one of my images quiet your mind and receive the message that’s in it for you at that moment Let them open your mind to receive from above I wish you peace. Jeff



Alleh Seya Hawk


Alleh Seya Hawk

Richmond, Texas

Medium: Portraits in Charcoal, Pastel and Watercolor

Custom Portraits available


by Alleh Seya Hawk


by Alleh Seya Hawk


by Alleh Seya Hawk

Artist Bio

Born in South Dakota and raised as a global citizen (Air Force brat), Alleh Seya Hawk studied at Syracuse University, School of Visual and Performing Arts. She has spent over 20 years traveling and working as a Teaching Artist and Community Arts Advocate. The proud mother of one child, she is currently residing with family in Texas where she is very active in the local community; misses the state of Oregon and continues to refine her work as an illustrator, portrait artist and freelance graphic designer.

Artist Statement-I very much enjoy excavating and revitalizing the essence of my latest muse – whether that’s a person, place or thing. I want to hear the story, reflect the spirit, record the existence, celebrate the revival and be a part of the regeneration process.

In my work with kids, we explore the role of art in history, while developing an artistic “voice” to tell our stories, reflect our imagination and future dreams. In my work as a community arts advocate, it’s very similar. In both cases, Art becomes a bridge between the past, present and future; the real and unreal — expressing and reflecting the stories that would otherwise remain silent or risk being forgotten.

Sometimes my role as an artist or advocate is nothing more than to bear witness, listen and record; while other times it’s more active: to encourage, question and engage. In all cases, the story being told, taking shape or emerging is always at the center, being explored, discovered and shared.

I am moved by the communication of those stories around me; by history and creative narratives hidden everywhere, awaiting discovery and birth.

As an artist, that’s what hooked me — and why I continue to work, live and play in the field of “Visual Communication”.


Nina Struthers

3 - Copy

Nina Struthers

Richmond Texas

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Medium: Illustrator -Pen and Ink with Watercolor


by Nina Struthers


by Nina Struthers


by Nina Struthers


by Nina Struthers


By Nina Struthers

Artist Statement

Nina had always been an artist –  After spending most of her childhood in England, she attended Mason Gross School of Fine Arts (Rutgers, NJ) for a BFA as well Glassell School of Fine Arts (Houston) in 1984-86 as a TA in the Printmaking Department. Nina moved to Canada in 1986 where she started her family and maintained a printmaking studio for many years as well as showing and selling in festivals and galleries throughout Canada. She also was very involved in textiles and sold her hand knit designs in several boutiques in Calgary and Edmonton.
In 1997, Nina moved back to Texas, and quit intaglio printmaking, because of the toxic solvents that were involved in plate making and clean up.  She grabbed a ball point pen and started drawing in the style of pointillism.  Nina has a prolific portfolio and has shown and sold her work in several large Texas festivals including the Bayou City Arts Festival, Artoberfest in Galveston, and Rockport Art Festival.
   Nina has published and illustrated 2 kids books “Oh Those Curious Cats” and “The Runaway Hen”  and is working on illustrating her 4th coloring book.  Nina loves history and has drawn many of the architectural landmarks in Fort Bend County, Texas.  She currently is “catching up for  retirement” by working at a juvenile facility at LCISD.
  Nina recently bought an etching (Intaglio Printmaking) press and plans to return to printmaking when she retires from her school.  The components of printmaking have become so much safer in the last 20 years so Nina will be interested in teaching and demonstrating “making and printing from solar plates”.  Currently, Nina has her work in several museums/gift stores in Fort Bend and maintains her studio in Richmond.  Her other hobby is raising chickens as well as being passionate about helping troubled children with art.

July 18, 2017 Now Those are Some Shiny Ceilings

Oh My!!!!!! Things are moving along at Gallery Baroness as we move toward our opening in August.  More painting, new ceilings, lighting etc.   Did I mention how super duper shiny the new ceilings are….I mean cool right!!!!  Artist are already contacting me for information and a couple have confirmed.  If you want to be part of the very first group of artist at Gallery Baroness here are some extra perks.  1st group to sign up gets a big bonus or two.  Part of August and all of September for the price of September. Plus a free year of Gallery Baroness Artist Registry.  Do not forget that 2017 pricing is in effect…..for $30 per linear foot (min 3 feet)  you get an entire month in the gallery, professional track system, Gallery open Mon-Sat, Meet the artist event and all of this in Historic Downtown Richmond TX.   All details are available on the website http://www.gallerybaroness.com/   Check it out and be sure to follow us on facebook.

Gallery Baroness, 310 Morton St, Richmond Texas 77469

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June 18, 2017 Soon Very Soon there will Be Gallery Baroness

I am super excited!!!! August is just around the corner and Gallery Baroness will be open in Historic Downtown Richmond Texas!!!! Renovation Continues….Soon very Soon…

July 7, 2017 Getting Ready for the New Gallery Location

This is happening!!!!!!!!!!! Today Kelsey Cleland and I primed wall after wall after wall in preparation for Gallery Baroness opening in August…..Just a few things still on the list…sheetrock work, more painting, ceilings, floors, lights, art hanging system, benches….ummmm there was something else…
Oh Yeah Art! LOL…
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