Artist Info & FORMS

 jjhhgjjhghkjkgh Gallery Baroness Artist Info & Forms

Please select your forms below.  All forms are in an editable PDF or Simple Word and should be submitted via email to

Please Note… You must save the document to your computer before filling in, then save again and send document via email

jjhhgjjhghkjkgh  Gallery Baroness Artist Information Packet

jjhhgjjhghkjkgh Gallery Baroness Artist Call Application

jjhhgjjhghkjkgh Gallery Baroness Artist Registry Application

jjhhgjjhghkjkgh Gallery Baroness Agreement

jjhhgjjhghkjkgh Gallery Baroness Hold Harmless Agreement

jjhhgjjhghkjkghGallery Baroness Title Card Template

jjhhgjjhghkjkgh Gallery Baroness Artist Bio Template

Gallery Event Dates 2017-2018

October 2017   Meet the Artist Sat Oct 7th 4pm-7pm

Hang Date Mon Oct 2nd 2017 10am-Noon  1pm-4pm

November 2017   Meet the Artist Sat Nov 4th 4pm-7pm

Hang Date Wed Nov 1st 2017 10am-Noon  1pm-4pm

December 2017   Meet the Artist Dec Sat 9th 4pm-7pm

January 2018   Meet the Artist Sat Jan 6th 4pm-7pm

February 2018   Meet the Artist Sat Feb 3rd Sat 4pm-7pm

March 2018   Meet the Artist Sat March 3rd 4pm-7pm

April 2018   Meet the Artist Sat April 7th 4pm-7pm

May 2018   Meet the Artist Sat May 5th 4pm-7pm

June 2018   Meet the Artist Sat June 9th 4pm-7pm

July 2018   Meet the Artist July 7th 4pm-7pm