“Carlota” Clara Ines Toro


“Carlota” Clara Ines Toro

Sugar Land

Medium:  Oil on Canvas


by “Carlota” Clara Ines Toro


by “Carlota” Clara Ines Toro


by “Carlota” Clara Ines Toro

Bio:  My name is Clara Ines Toro – CARLOTA – and I was born in Colombia, South America. My passion for art started in the early years of my life. Even as a small child, I felt a connection between brush, color and canvas and my inner self. When I created images with these materials I felt that I was making something magical – a new form, a new window on reality. As I matured, I realized that my inspiration and focus came from forms, colors and lines and that the best way to express myself and represent my ideas and feelings was through painting.
By the time I finished high school, I focused all my energy and dedication on learning the trades of decoration combined with art. I explored different styles, ideas and artists. While doing so, I had the good fortune to be mentored by an accomplished and skillful Colombian painter, David Manzur. Through years of training, I discovered a passion for Abstract Art and a preference for using acrylics in my work, combined with oils as a resource of texture.
Creating new visual experience from the endless possible combinations of color, form and texture gives me both satisfaction and pleasure and expresses the profound link that I have with art.