Albert Goldreich

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Albert Goldreich

Sugar Land, Texas

Contact Info   (713) 858-2181

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Medium:  Fused Glass Art


by Albert Goldreich


by Albert Goldreich


Bio: After being a potter since 1975 in South Africa, where my fascination for clay began, I have finally switched from clay to working with glass. After immigrating to the United States in 1981, I continued my pottery as a hobby.

In March 2005 my hobby became my full-time profession. After experimenting with clay using various techniques for 27 years, I finally developed a unique style which I have been told reflected my South African. The use of texture and color became my signature.

I am a founding member of 18 Hands Gallery in Houston, Texas. My work has been shown at Archway Gallery in Houston and Copper Shade Tree in Roundtop, Texas. I am the current world record holder on the potter’s wheel by one person, as recorded by the Book of Alternative Records. This record was set at 18 Hands Gallery in Houston, Tx on the 26th January 2008, with a time of 18 hours and 3 minutes, breaking the previous record by one hour and three minutes.

Now it remains to be seen where my glass art will take me. As I am now 76 years young I do not have 27 years to experiment and only time will tell. The most important thing of all is that I am enjoying the glass work immensely.

All my pieces are one of a kind.