Kenneth Haley

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Kenneth Haley

Simonton,  Texas

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Medium:  Painter-Impressionist, & Abstract


by Kenneth Haley


by Kenneth Haley


by Kenneth Haley


by Kenneth Haley

Artist Bio:

Kenneth Haley began his art career at the age of 10. As he recalls, he was always drawing something. Often, lacking paper, Ken would draw on any surface available – including, at one point, a white car in the parking lot of the local drug store – in pencil, of course.

Ken was drafted into the Army in 1967. He was deployed to Saigon, Vietnam in January 1968 during what is now known as the Tet offensive. After serving one and a half years as a tank mechanic, the military, recognizing Kenneth’s artistic talents, re-assigned him to be a combat artist. His job included documenting the activities of the Military Police in various assignments, such as escorting military convoys, guarding prisoners as well as other law enforcement activities. As Kenneth puts it, he had a 45 on his right hip, a camera slung around his neck, a sketchpad in his left hand and a paintbrush in his right hand.

After being accepted as a combat artist, Ken served his remaining six months documenting the war through his artist’s perspective. He was required to produce at least one painting each week depicting the war effort. Interestingly, Kenneth’s artwork, being government property, has never been displayed publicly and is presumed to have simply disappeared into the fabric of time.

Following his military service, Kenneth was accepted into a four-year program at the Kansas City Art Institute, where he received his formal artistic training. He graduated with a “split major” in Graphic Arts and Fine Arts and received his BFA. During his last year at the Art Institute, Kenneth interned as a graphic artist for a local television station in Kansas City. After graduation his internship became his first full-time job as a professional graphic artist.

On a blind date, Kenneth met and subsequently married the love of his life, Faith. With his wife Faith by his side, Kenneth went on to serve in the missionary field where he honed his artistic skills throughout his travels.

Following his missions work, Kenneth returned to Houston, where he developed his painting skill set into a successful house painting business. Having presently logged forty-two years of marriage, Kenneth and Faith are quick to brag on their three remarkable sons and their five incredible grandchildren. Now retired from operating his contracting business, Kenneth has resumed his artistic pursuits and the stirring of his training and talent.

Presently, Kenneth enjoys working in a number of mediums, including, oil, acrylic, watercolor, and pen and ink.

Artist Statement or Philosophy:

Art is a gift. The Creator is the greatest artist, having created everything. The gift that I have in art is from the Creator. Through art, I have an opportunity to draw focus to a portion of what I see within His creation. My desire is to reveal a reflection of His works.

My passion is to create art that is enjoyable. I like to create art that is alive and brings life to others; art that is pleasing to the viewer and that will draw an emotional response and moves the viewer in some way. Art should tell a story in the same way as a good book. It should draw the viewer in as if they had painted it themselves.

I am inspired by remarkable details and treasures hidden within the landscapes, by different seasons, different times of the day, and the peace and tranquility of the setting. I also believe that an artist can capture that same sense through a variety of styles. Ultimately, my hope would be that the viewer would have that same feeling as I did as I painted it.