Johnny J. Rojas


Johnny J. Rojas

Richmond Texas

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Medium: Sculpture-Metalwork of all kind


by Johnny J. Rojas


by Johnny J. Rojas


by Johnny J. Rojas

Artist Bio – Johnny J. Rojas
– Where’s your hometown?
Richmond, Texas

– What started you on your artist’s path?
I come from a family of professional musicians. Growing up in the music field I knew I wanted the freedom of self expression that only comes from being an artist. “The arts will find you. You have to be ready to recognize it.”

– What is your favorite medium(s) to work in and why?
I enjoy working with metals. It’s the fire thing. Being a graphic artist by trade. The transformation from paper to fire just felt right. Metal seems to take shape faster then wood.

– List any press that you have received.
When I’m not making art, I produce the Houston Art Car Weekend. I’ve made 13+ art cars and have produced the parade for 25 years. During this time I receive a lot of press.

– List your education
I have studies at Los Angeles and Houston Community Colleges for Graphic Design and Visual Communications. A self taught artist in metal and clay sculpturing for over 15 years.

– List any exhibitions
I have some permanent installations around Houston. A 64 feet by 25 feet glass mosaic mural at Sanchez HS built with the students. Also 2, 10ft by 15ft glass mosaic murals built with Redwood HS students. Displayed on Harrisburg & 67th Street in Houston. Art Cars that have been displayed nationally and around the world. My personal Art Car, The
BatWing, has been inducted into the Houston & Victoria Art Car Museums. A 15 foot Jewish Menorah thats displayed yearly in the Houston Galleria during the Hanukkah lighting ceremonies. A 12 foot metal roadrunner for Ross Elementary in Clear Creek ISD. Along with temporary art installations.

– Professional affiliations & associations
Owner of Rojas Custom Metal Works; A judge for the HLSR School Art Committee; The Orange Show Foundation; American Legion Post #560 (Houston, Tx); The Urban Animals, Class of 2006.

– What inspires you?
Motivation. Being involved and surround by people with action. I hate being among those that have no solutions, just problems and complaints. “Use that negative energy and make something happen.”

– Is there anything else you would like your community to know about you?
I have worked with many at-risk young adults in the Houston area. Giving them the opportunity to express themselves in the world of art. In doing this, I’ve seen what art can do to the someone’ self-esteem and self pride. I’m
just happy that I have been in the position and have the talent to make a difference in the world thought art.