Gary Frisk

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Gary Frisk

Richmond Texas

SGF322@SBCGLOBAL.NET     832.524.8117

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Medium: Oil on Canvas


By Artist Gary Frisk


By Artist Gary Frisk


By Artist Gary Frisk

Artist Statement

“I started learning about art at an early age when visiting my grandmother, I would look in her art books and sit at her easel.  She oil painted like a master and I loved her work.  As one of life’s ironies, I never took any lessons from her.  I pursued a degree in engineering; however somewhere in my God given DNA, there was something that pressed me towards practicing art.  All my college notebooks are decorated with sketches of all types of subject matter and I have sketches that survived from high school.  I nurtured my interest by visiting museums and galleries; growing my realization that I wanted to oil paint”.


Lone Star Art Guild Convention 2017 Honorable Mention in Category
Marble Falls Paint the Town 2017 2nd Place
Kerrville Outdoor Painting Event 2016 Best in Show
Oil Painters of America Summer Online Show 2015 Honorable Mention
Art League of Fort Bend Spring 2015 Best in Show
Lone Star Art Guild Convention 2015 1st Place in Category
Marble Falls Paint the Town 2015 5th Place
Lone Star Art Guild Convention 2014 3rd Place in Category
Art League of Fort Bend Fall 2013 Best in Show
Traditions Bank Show 2011

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