Kelsey Cleland


Kelsey Cleland

Kelsey Cleland

Richmond Texas

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Medium: Acrylic on Canvas and Nature Photography


“Dave”  Makuleke South Africa Photography by Kelsey Cleland


“Fade” 24×36 Acrylic on Canvas by Kelsey Cleland


“Thutwa”  12×24  Acrylic on Canvas by Kelsey Cleland

Artist Statement

Kelsey Cleland grew up in South East Asia moving to Paris, France at 18 years old where she graduated with an IB Arts Degree. She then went to Juanita University in Pennsylvania where she pursued a degree in International Wildlife Conservationist. In 2015 she accepted an opportunity to continue her studies in South Africa where she graduated with an International FGASA.

Since her graduation Kelsey Cleland has participated in several International Wildlife Research Programs supported by WWF and NG. During her down time from conservation she focuses on volunteerism and art.