Cisco The Artist


Cisco The Artist

Cisco The Artist 

Cisco Tucker Kolkmeier

Rosenberg Texas

(281) 846-8057

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Medium:  Acrylic on Canvas and Hand built Pottery


By Cisco the Artist  Mural  Historic Downtown Rosenberg TX
By Cisco the Artist   Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Statement

I have been creating art since I was a child.

Humanity and the human condition, humor and exaggeration exist in the content of my work. I love change and challenge, which is why there is such a variety of different styles in my portfolio. I love to observe the simple and also the complexities of life and form.

I am a Gemini and will see both sides, even inside myself. I am also obsessive compulsive and redundancy is something I am drawn to.

I love old people, working with children, saltwater fishing and listening to the Holy Spirit. I seek peace and joy in my life (and greatly enjoy the company of my dog).